3 Unique Getaways to Begin Your Year Right

The holidays may be over and the new year in full swing but who says a last minute getaway won’t propel you in the new year with a successful drive and passion. It is important to take the time to discover new places and relax! After the jam packed schedule of the holidays filled with family […]

Keep Yourself Warm with a Creamy Stew

With the winter season in full swing, except for lucky Australians, a warm comforting stew is an amazing dinner to come home too. What better way to warm up than to have a nice bowl of this festive mushroom, small baby onions and garlic stew. It is simple to put together and pretty fun. We […]

Don’t Work Harder Work Smarter

Since the 1900’s, a very commonly used excuse is “I am too busy”. We hear it all the time, especially nowadays with all the distractions available to us 24/7. Today, I am here to tell you that you can manage your time smarter and actually have more! How can that possibly be you may ask? […]

Happy Holidays!

Its the holiday season and what better time to spread your vision of inner strength and to share your stories of courage with all your loved ones. Our accessories are a symbol of strength and stability which lies in every one of us. Wear them as a symbol of your dedication and destiny and take […]

What to Bring to your Holiday Dinner

The holidays are around the corner and we have a great recipe for you to bring to holiday dinners or to serve yourself for all your guests. The holidays are a time to cool down and kick back with your family and friends! As a productive person though, we know you love something quick, tasty […]

3 Gifts He Will love

It is almost christmas time and you have a limited time to get your hands on the perfect christmas gifts for him! It can always be overwhelming to pick and choose the perfect gifts but we’ve got you covered with a list of the top 3 gifts for him this holiday season that match together! […]

U-352 The Untold Story

The untold story of the U-352 begins on a may 19th 1942. That morning Capt. Rathke and his crew spotted a silhouette of a merchant vessel in the distance that they had been looking for. They prepared for attack and fired a single torpedo. Unfortunately for them, they fired at Icarus, the Coast Guard Cutter […]

How to Create Goals

Having a dream is one thing, but figuring out how to achieve it is the most important step. How can you do that? Simple! Create your goals. We have the broken it down for you in 5 steps. 1. Brainstorm: Write down any goal, personal or related to your business goals, family oriented goals, spiritual […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Tomorrow

At the end of the day we ponder on the events that occurred and how it affected us. Whether we had a bad day or a good day, it is all about perspective. If you had an extremely bad day and you focus on the negative, it is most likely that tomorrow will not be […]

Three Places to Visit in Sorrento, Italy

Today on travel tuesday we want to share with you the magnificent town of Sorrento in Italy. Sorrento is rich in culture and history. It is a beautiful town built on a mountain overlooking the bay of Naples. One cannot simply be there without being inspired. The oldest ruins, “Oscan” date all the way back […]