Hit the Slopes With Us!

If you did not know that California is home to Skiing and Snowboarding resorts, now you do. Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is one of the ski hills that has the longest season in North America with operating ski hills from around November to June! The hill is located in Eastern California with a summit of 11, 503 feet and around 28 ski lifts including gondolas with an amazing view all the way to the top!

This mountain range is a wonderful destination for any level of skiers or snowboarders with magnificent trails ranging from beginner to extreme! Their main attractions range from the unbound trails that are a go to for extreme skiers and snowboarders or SuperDuper half pipes which is one of the biggest in the world for the adrenaline lovers paradise! Enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with adventures and make the most of the winter season!


Breathtaking shot by @AbeKislevitz! Join us on Instagram @EnzoKay