How to Make the best of the New Year

We have all made new year’s resolution but hey, who is actually going to follow them! In order to actually go through with them, it is important to turn your resolutions into habits and in order to do that you have to create routines!

  1. Figure out your top three goals or resolutions for the new year. Establish them and write them somewhere you are able to see them often! If you have smaller goals you can separate them per month and try to conquer one per week!
  2. Find ways in which you can incorporate daily rituals to reach these goals and resolutions! If you make time for them and repeatedly do them than they will eventually turn into habits!
  3. Keep yourself accountable. Try to keep track of how many times during the week you actually go to the gym or clean your room in order to create a discipline for yourself! If you don’t take yourself seriously, these resolutions won’t turn into habit!

Try these tips out and we hope they help you stay on track for the New Year!