Kalanggaman Island: A Dream Destination

A beautiful island in Palompon Leyte with no electricity and a long stretch sand bar. Who could ask for a dreamier place!

Surrounded by clear blue water, Kalanggaman Island can only be reached by boat and is governed by the government of Palompon. There are many different ways you can reach this beautiful island and you’ll be sure to want to bring your camera for amazing shots!

If you a dreaming for a post card getaway with beautiful beaches and dreamlike surroundings, Kalanggaman is the perfect place. You can camp here overnight for the true experience of tranquility and bliss. Wake up to the beautiful sunrise surrounding you with the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore and prepare for a day of aquatic activities. You can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, aqua-biking, scuba diving and swimming! A trip to this island will satisfy your need for adventure and detox you from your busy schedule. What a treat!


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