The Book that Will get your Thinking Straight

“How Successful People Think” by John C. Maxwell is the perfect “go to” guide on how to learn to control your thoughts and your mind for that matter. Our minds are always running at miles per second and we have so many different thoughts going on all at once. How do you manage to establish effective thought processes, well you read this book for one!

Ok so why should you actually invest your time in reading this book? Well, being able to improve your thinking skills will allow more room for success and development! John C. Maxwell has been studying and analyzing successful leaders in how they think for over 40 years. Over this time John has established a thought process that is a key differentiator in how successful people think! Here are the six steps to commit to in order to change the way you think!

1.Find good input to start the thinking process- find intriguing information that triggers you and allows you to think outside the box!

2. Spend time with good thinkers- find mentors and people who allow you to think beyond what you could only imagine to observe and learn from them!

3. Think good thoughts- the thinking process is a discipline therefore you need to take the time to develop good thoughts! 

4. Act on good thoughts- The opportunities to act on good thoughts will not be there for very long, start right away!

5. Allow emotions to create another good thought- meaning do it now and don’t wait until you feel like it cause it won’t happen! Rely on discipline not motivation!

6. Repeat the process- to continuously generate good thought processes and outcomes it is important to repeat this process over and over again in order to create a habit!

Now that you know the six ways in which to develop a more efficient and success generating thinking process, read more of this book to find out the 11 skills good thinkers exhibit. By learning from the best you can become the best! Everything around us is growing everyday and you are too, continue to feed and fuel your mind!