Timely: The App That Holds you Accountable

With the new year in full swing what better resolution than to manage your time better! We all have twenty four hours in a day and sometimes it feels as if it’s just not enough. Come to think of it, we are all running after our time. If we could track it and really know how we were spending it then maybe we could save some? After all, we all have 24 hours in a day, just like the leaders and most successful people in this world. So we can’t really use the excuse “I don’t have enough time” but what we could say is “I do not manage my time well”!

Today, we are here to share with you on of our favorites; a simple App that helps you organise your time more efficiently. Timely is an app on the Appstore and also available online and it helps you organize your projects and the time you need to complete them! It also adds a budget to your projects based on your calculations making it easy to prioritize your time right and perform activities that will be income generating. You can determine the amount of time needed to perform your project and then log per day, how many hours you actually spend on it. How amazing is that… or not as it will show you how unproductive you actually are!

Try out this app and let us know if it helps you stay accountable on your time management of projects!